Jason Michael Snow

The Life and Times of a New York/Los Angeles Based Actor/Composer


Book, Music, and Lyrics by
Marshall Pailet & Jason Michael Snow

Sidney Applebaum and his nephew “Jr.” pitch the town on putting up a musical to solve their zombie problem.

Welcome to Wagon Town, USA: a quaint, mid-western every-town with one schoolhouse, one General Store, and the zombie apocalypse.  Enter Sidney Hooker Applebaum and his nephew Junior - two con men from the Big City who infiltrate Wagon Town with the hopes of swindling the town out of their emergency fund.  But when faced with a suspicious mayor, a mad-scientist with delusions of saving mankind, and a zombie infestation that threatens to take down civilization as we know it, Sidney and Junior must adjust to a changing world... or die trying.

Inspired by the RKO b-movie you've never heard of, Zombies on Broadway began as a "what if." What if you took a classic "golden age musical" and - keeping everything intact - set it during a zombie apocalypse. Created in partnership with RKO Stage, Zombies On Broadway was born. Marshall and Jason began writing this show in the summer of 2013 and participated in the RKO/CAP21 Writers Residency program where they were able to bring the story to where it is today.